I have checked out a website called

When you go on the website they offer you a job as a virtual assistant for £10 – £15  per hour. After applying you get a phone call from one of their representatives when they ask you to pay 40 pounds to join. They tell you that if you are not satisfied you can get a refund in the next 14 days.

The fact is that people trust services from the UK. The United Kingdom is a trustable place, customers feel protected and in most cases they are. So when the lady over the phone asks you for 40 pounds and tells you that you will earn it back in a few hours, you believe it.

After logging in they give you two assignments. One is asking you to collect data of 20 people who might be interested in working from home. They are asking for their names, email addresses, phone numbers and they pay 5 pound for it. The other one is asking you to post their website link on Facebook and they pay you 3 pounds for that. And that’s it…. They also show you links to other websites like or (appears as Odesk at their website) but these websites are free to register and quite famous on their own, so you don’t need to sing up to PaidPeople just to work on them. So you get less then 10 pounds and even if you complete the tasks there will be no new task to appear. So you have paid 40 pounds to advertise their website and get more people to sing up with them.

I have sent them an email asking for a refund. They did not respond so I called them and asked for a refund. They said that a request for refund needs to be sent to them in writing and she was asking if I know their email address. I said that I know it and I have sent an email but I’ve got no response. The representative said that I need to wait 3-5 days for an answer.  So now I am waiting and will see what happens.


So I have been waiting for the last 10 days and nothing happened. I called them again asking what should I do. The lady at the other end said that she can’t help because the phone line is only for registrations. I kept asking her for a way to get back the registration money so she advised me to call my bank and ask for a refund there. 😦


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