Working from home for the first time

I always have been dreaming of a job that I could do anywhere. Earn a good income while I could travel around the world. It sounds too good to be true, isn’t it?

I have seen many websites promising to tell you how you can earn thousands of pounds in a week or a month, I have singed up to few of them, I even paid them for some kind of secret what would change my life forever. What a fool, right? I think I was. I gave up the search but in a few month or years I started it again, failed again, gave it up again and so on. In January this year I started to work for a market research company. After a month my boss offered me the opportunity to work from home. The job is basically to make phone calls, so it doesn’t really matter where do I make them from. I was very happy for the opportunity and I don’t have to say that I took it, but it is a hard job. In the office I was paid per hour, at home I am paid for completed interviews. When I got the chance to do this job from home I was on a very good project. It seemed really easy to talk to people, and I made really good money with it, but then that project ended and now I am not making good money. The project what I am on now is a really hard one so I feel the need to look for something else, a second source of income, and as I am already working from home I started to look for an online or a home working role to boost my income. I started to work as freelancer to sell  online services like website building and logo designs. I singed up to, but it is not going too well. It seems impossible to get a job there. I have about 15 services what I can deliver for a very cheap price but no one even looks at them. I keep bidding every evening hoping to sell something but nothing yet. There are 30 or 40 people bidding for one project so for the clients it is extremely advantageous but for someone who wants to work… well not so much.

I started this blog to look for a way to make my life better and share that way with others. I am hoping to help people to avoid the same mistakes I do, and I hope to find a way to make a good income from home. I will write about my steps through this journey and the difficulties I am facing. I also welcome any comments and advice on the topic. Thank you very much.


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